Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources
This book is widely considered to be "the" definitive work on channeling. Originally published in 1988, it was revised and reprinted in 1998.

In this study of channeling (which in earlier years was called spirit communication or mediumship), Dr. Klimo, writes with clarity about "the communication of information to or through a physically embodied human being from a source…on some other level or dimension of reality other than the physical as we know it." He profiles recent channels and their sources, goes back to preliterate societies and the advent of monotheism and identifies as channels such figures as Moses, Solomon, Muhammad, Merlin, Nostradamus, Swedenborg and Edgar Cayce. He discusses the sorts of people who are channels, kinds of information channeled, sources of information channeled and varieties of channeling like clairvoyance and automatic writing. According to Klimo, few people tap into their abilities to perform channeling and for those who think they can, he serves as guide.


"...the sacred text on channeling.” —Newsweek

"Somewhere between Von Danikan's Chariots of the Gods and William James' Varieties of Religious Experience... a thorough, well-organized introduction to a controversial subject."-- Kirkus Reviews

"If channeling exists, we must reexamine our understanding of time, space, consciousness, and evolution. Jon Klimo stands as the modern exemplar of a fearless researcher in this field. Channeling is the single best overview available.:-- Jeffery Mishlove, host, Thinking Aloud.

"Jon Klimo's updated, seminal account of channeling provides a model for researchers studying anomalies in human behavior."-- Stanley Krippner, Saybrook Graduate School

"Well-written. One of the most informative surveys to come along in the last few years for the general reader."-- Marilyn Schlitz, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“A thorough, well-organized introduction to a controversial subject. Channeling should be required reading. Destined to become a New Age classic.” —Body, Mind, Spirit

"This is the most comprehensive and authoritative book ever written on channeling. It's a pleasure to see it back in print, with updated research into communication with the other side as well as insights about channeling the higher self."-- Alan Vaughan, author, Doorways to Higher Consciousness

 "This is an excellent, balanced, and authoritative review of all of the channeling material from both human and electronic sources. It has over 100 pages added to bring it up to date from it's earlier edition, which has long been considered to be a classic in the field. It is a must have for anyone at all seriously interested in the subject." —Pamela Heath, author of The PK Zone

"Channeling is an essential resource for scholars and lay persons interested in the subject."-- Darryl Anka, channel ("Bashar")

"Dr. Klimo's research underscores the reality of this communication that has been an integral part of human history and spiritual evolution for millenia."-- LyssaRoyal,channel.

"A masterful job of researching the whole field. Klimo gives objective insight into the phenomenon of channeling. Solid investigation and an easy-going writing style create a wonderful reading adventure."-- Jach Pursel, channel ("Lazaris")

"This updated edition of Jon Klimo's pioneering survey of today's new varieties of 'mediumship' will leave you with many questions and a few good answers."-- Marcello Truzzi, Eastern Michigan University "

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